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Reflecting on Our Methodist Heritage at Piney Grove Church
Often, we may utter the name of our beloved Piney Grove Church without thinking deeply about its significance. Have we, as members, truly contemplated what it means to be Methodist, or considered how this identity shapes our congregation and its importance in our faith?

In the spirit of discernment regarding our denominational ties, it’s an opportune moment to recall our Methodist roots and seek divine guidance for our shared ministry’s path ahead.

Our departure from The United Methodist Church in 2022 was a stance to preserve fundamental Christian teachings and Methodist traditions that we hold indispensable, including:

  • The Sovereignty of the Scriptures
  • Universal accessibility to God’s grace
  • The necessity of discipleship
  • Christ-driven service to our fellow beings

Methodism—A Historical Insight to Modern Adaptation

Birthed in the 18th-century Church of England, the Methodist revival was spearheaded by John and Charles Wesley. Their mission to reform the church and spread holiness has historically influenced the structure of Methodist congregations, their worship through hymns, and theological doctrines that set them apart from other denominations.

When considering “Methodist,” how exactly does it fit Piney Grove Church? Our church’s mission—”Reach People for Jesus Christ, Disciple Them in Faith, and Help Those In Need”—mirrors core principles of the Methodist tradition. We’ll explore each element in light of our faith lineage.

Reaching Out for Jesus Christ

Our commitment to outreach is an extension of the Methodist focus on God’s gracious love. The gospel we share is one of kindness, compassion, and redemption. The Wesley brothers highlighted a trifecta of grace:

Firstly, the ‘prevenient grace,’ accessible even before we acknowledge God, nudges us towards divine relationship. Next comes ‘justifying grace’—salvation through accepting Jesus and repenting. This grace renews our relationship with the Divine.

Methodist teaching doesn’t stop at justification; it encourages a quest for sanctification—maturing in godly grace and knowledge. John Wesley’s commission to reach and guide all individuals on a faith-filled odyssey aligns with our church’s outreach mission.

Our Methodist Heritage—Our Guiding Compass

Our split from The United Methodist Church wasn’t an act of division but a steadfast dedication to our foundational beliefs. Piney Grove Church retains the essence of our Methodist heritage while adapting to the needs of our present congregation.

We continue to invite reflection, encourage devotion, and serve in Christ’s name, trusting in the foundations laid by our Methodist forebearers as we forge ahead in our spiritual voyage.

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